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What We Do

We strive to provide you with the most relaxing and creative experiences. Including skin care and providing you with the knowledge and know how to achieve your desired look.



Healing & Protecting Earth

 Beauty Is Responsibility

L’ANZA believes that haircare is not just about keeping hair beautiful and healthy, but also keeping Earth beautiful and healthy as well. L’ANZA products and comprehensive green policies promote a sustainable future through numerous programs, actions & initiatives:

• Natural ingredients from all regions of the world

• Wildcrafted, organic and non-GMO botanicals

• Organic essential oils to support organic agriculture, organic farmers and sustainable practices

• Eco-friendly and recycled materials that are reusable, refillable, compostable and biodegradable

• Saving rainforests and ecosystems by sourcing ingredients from regions to foster more planting

• Sustainable company practices to recycle, conserve and embrace go-green efforts

• No animal testing and cruelty-free as listed on PETA’s Caring Company list

• Supporting impoverished villages and communities by purchasing their sustainable ingredients

• Reducing greenhouse gases, emissions and fossil fuels by using electric/hybrid vehicles and obtaining materials from local suppliers

• Using solar and wind energy in L’ANZA manufacturing facilities to ensure environmentally friendly production

• Environmentally compliant products that meet and exceed strict environmental regulations

• Clean air formulas with decreased VOC’s and no ozone-depleting ingredients