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Hair By Natalie Shake

Ive had the pleasure of being in the beauty industry for 10 plus years. Initially when I decided to pursue this career I was driven by the desire to make others feel good about themselves. Being able to accomplish the desired looks my clients are looking for has always been my top priority. Therefore education has played a huge part of my career.

Education & Certifications

I am currently a Healing Artist for Lanza Healing Hair Care. I’m fortunate to have first hand exposure to their amazing education in hair color, cutting and styling. They have given me so many incredible opportunities, including working side by side with some of my idols. On top of being an educator I’m also certified in the following:

    • Keratin complex smoothing services
    • Brazilian blowout
    • Babe Extensions
    • Lock n Loaded men’s hair cutting
    • Hair loss specialist


Driving Industry Trends

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle